The Mission

Synergy Jazz Foundation is committed to enriching the jazz arts community through advancing education, performance, and community collaboration.

The Vision

Advocate for the advancement of jazz as an art form and the inclusion of jazz education in the schools and community.

Promote jazz performance on a local and regional basis.

Lead the development of new and expanded jazz opportunities.

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Jazz Happy Hour
The Basement @ DM Social Club
Most Fridays 5:30-7:30
Jazz Happy Hour

Schedule & Tickets

The Continental
Saturdays 9-12

Sam & Gabe's Sunday Brunch  10:30-1:30 with Tanner Taylor

        Louie's Wine Dive Jazz Duos           Wednesday 6:30 & Sunday 5:00

CJC Java Joe's Student Jam Session
1st Sunday 2:00-4:00

First Friday New Orleans Jazz Party
NOLA Jazz Band
The Basement 5:30-7:00

Chuck's Restaurant
Friday & Saturday 7:00

The Lift
Tuesday 9:00-12:00