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Where does the support originate? That's a good question.

It comes from the retired person who re-discovers a long lost interest in music.

It comes from the successful professional who remembers the contribution music has made to his life.

It comes from concerned citizens who see schools emphasizing test scores at the expense of arts and creativity.

It comes from musicians who want to give back the encouragement that they once received from a mentor.

It comes from people like you who contribute a few hours.

It comes from people like you who have ideas for projects, funding, and publicity.

It comes from people like you who care about kids, music, and making the world a better place, more creative place.

Ways to Get Involved

Synergy is made up of people who share the common goals of bringing professional performers and students together, promoting the highest standards of education in the arts and creating a positive environment for everyone involved. Synergy people believe the thinking skills associated with learning, performing and listening to music is a vital part of a balanced society. Synergy people work to organize and promote projects that introduce creative thought and high quality Jazz performances for the community. Are you a Synergy person? Would you be a valuable board member or would you rather be a volunteer staff member?

We need people who can…….

  • design and publish a monthly newsletter.
  • direct community relations efforts.
  • design and implement our fund raising strategy.
  • develop a grant writing plan.
  • create and develop new projects.
  • direct social networking.
  • maintain the Synergy web site.
  • publicize events.

Board meetings are on the second Thursday of the month, 8:00-10:00 pm.
Feel free to contact any board member for information on how you might get involved.

Board of Directors

Wendee Molano, President
Wellmark, Performance Consultant 

Tyler Phelps, secretary
First American Wealth Management Group, Investment Analyst

Bill Bergren, Executive Director
Freelance Musician and Educator

Brad Morford
Screenscape Studios, President

Dave Rezek -
Principal Financial Group, Quality Assurance Analyst
Freelance Musician and Educator

Advisory Board

Pat Harbison
Professor of Jazz Studies, Indiana University
Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops Faculty

Dr James Romain
Professor of Jazz Studies & Saxophone, Drake University

Joanne Tubbs
Music Educator, Des Moines Public Schools

Jack Wilkins
Professor of Jazz Studies, University of South Florida
Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops Faculty

Cash Donations

The good news is Synergy has received a $9,000 grant from the Iowa Arts Council, earmarked for the Workshop/Concert Series. For Synergy to tap this resource another $12,000 must be raised to cover the balance. There are several ways you can donate to Synergy.

Monthly Giving

Perhaps the most convenient method of payment assures a steady stream of funding with the least amount of effort. You can have your bank automatically make monthly payments either by check or electronically. Or you can set up an automatic credit card payment by clicking on the Donate Now link.

Annual Fund

Some like to organize annual giving by yearly payment.

Event Sponsorship

Each Workshop/Concert Series event requires a cash outlay of $2,000. You or your business can be an event VIP by sponsoring a W/C Series event. Event sponsors enjoy special guest status and recognition.

Scholarship Fund

The Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshop Experience provides transportation and scholarships to Iowa kids. Tuition, room and board for the weeklong workshops is $875. Scholarships of $200, $400, and $600 are awarded based on student interest and need. Individual scholarships can carry the name of you or your business, “The John Doe Jazz Workshop Scholarship”, or your donation can remain anonymous.

Matching corporate gifts. Check with your company to see if a policy exists to match your gift.