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Synergy Jazz Concert Series Events

November 11-14
Saxophonist Jack Wilkins

December 16-19
Saxophonist Ariel Alexander

January 20-23
Trumpeter Justin Kisor

February 10-15
Trumpeter Pat Harbison

March 9-12
Guitarist Corey Christiansen

April 13-16
Trombonist Tim Coffman

A listing of all Synergy Jazz events can be found in the events section.

Synergy Jazz Concert Series

Teaching artists from across the United States team up with Des Moines professional musicians in presenting four days of elementary school "informances", workshops for beginners and intermediates, school band clinics, and performances for the community.

The artist is twice featured in concert with the Sam Salomone Trio as well as guest soloist with The Des Moines Big Band. Admission to both concerts is only $10 and $5 for students and seniors.

Workshops and jam sessions for all ages and abilities are hosted by Drake University at The Patty and Fred Turner Jazz Center. Participants include students and educators from throughout central Iowa as well as community members from all walks of life. Music theory and improvisation, Jazz history, practice strategies, and a chance to jam with the pros and other students rounds out the weekend.

Elementary school "informances" (all school assemblies) include an educational component, interactive participation, and performance. Students are exposed to the art form of Jazz, stressing American culture, the importance and etiquette of group interaction, and the concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, lyrics, and improvisation. Students participate through rhythmic movement, vocalization, and spontaneous reaction to the music. The different sounds of the instruments are explored as each member of the ensemble explains the working of their instrument. Cross curricular examples such as interpersonal communication, mathematics of music, physics of sound, and the cultural and historical elements of the music are explored.

The Synergy Jazz Workshop/Concert Series receives major support from The Iowa Arts Council and Drake University. Business sponsors include Adventureland Inn, Screenscape Studios, Rieman Music, and The Des Moines Big Band.